High Power Beamforming Networks

  • Low-loss Solutions operate from 20 MHz to 12 GHz in overlapping Multi-Octave or Decade Frequency Bands.
  • Power handling capabilities in the kW levels up to 1 GHz and several hundreds of Watts above 1 GHz.
  • Our ferrite-sandwich, self-shielded designs exhibit half the loss of competing designs, often in a smaller size.
  • The result is increased functionality in a modern, compact design.

Precision Antenna Beamformers

Beamformer 1

Werlatone’s 50+ years commitment to product development allows us to offer an RF phase resolution from 5.6 degrees up to the traditional 90 degrees, enabling precision steering of an RF Beam. 

Customers design an efficient amplifier and then Werlatone designs a matching combiner or a transforming beamformer for optimal system performance. 

Quadrature Antenna Beamformers

Beamformer 2

Our 90 Degree Quadrature and 180-Degree Hybrids support high power and extremely wide bandwidth applications. 

Recently, Werlatone has collaborated with several antenna and amplifier manufacturers in designing custom and complex sub-system modules with higher functionalities and smaller footprints.


Beamformer 3

Antenna beamformers have many difficult design constraints. Werlatone offers amplifier designers great latitude for optimally loading their active devices. 

With our extraordinary range of low loss impedance transformation techniques. Traditional N squared to one transformer limitations are meaningless in our designs. 

In-Phase and Differential Beamformers

Our Baluns are High Power and Low Loss, which can often can operate with convenient, non-traditional port impedances.  

Our stripline,  ferrite-sandwich, designs virtually eliminate manufacturing inconsistencies and are ideally suited to differential beamformers.  These designs lend themselves well to integration with in-phase components.

  • Plug-and-Play solutions.
  • Interface Directly with Customized Mating Modules.
  • Highly Repeatable
  • Improved SWAP-C

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