New Technology

New Technology

For over 50 years, Werlatone has been a global leader in developing the most advanced High Power RF Passive Components. Our long term goals remain firm; to provide our customers with compact RF solutions that offer optimal electrical performance while withstanding the most extreme operating conditions.

Our latest, patented RF passive technologies include:

  • E-Plane & Radial Combiners
  • High Power Beamforming Networks
  • Wideband Impedance Transformers

E-Plane Combiners

A new class of patented Microwave Power Combiners with extremely High Power Handling Capability.

Werlatone’s new E-Plane Combiner architecture is ideally suited for emerging High CW Power / High Duty Cycle Solid State Radar requirements.

Whereas an N-Way Radial Combiner design is limited in CW output power due to the diameter of the central output coaxial section (based on TEM Mode Operation), the E-Plane Combiner is limited only by the CW Power rating of the respective waveguide size. This results in an N-Way Combining architecture which handles multiple higher in power at respective frequencies. 

  • Higher CW Power and Higher Duty Cycles
  • High Power Density and Low Loss
  • Space Efficient, Planar Structure 
  • Ideal for S, C, X, Ku, Ka Bands


CW Power E-Plane vs. Radial Combiner

High Power Beamforming Networks

Werlatone offers High Power, Wideband Multi-Phased Networks, Designed for Beamforming Applications.

Our solutions operate from 20 MHz to 12 GHz overlapping multi-octave or decade frequency bands. Power handling capabilities are in the kW levels up to 1 GHz, and several hundreds of Watts beyond.  The technology developed at Werlatone over the last 50 years allows us to offer an RF phase resolution from 5.6 degrees up to the traditional 90 degrees, enabling more precision steering of an RF beam.

Our 90 Degree Quadrature and 180-Degree Hybrids support high power and extremely wide bandwidth applications. Recently, Werlatone has collaborated with several antenna and amplifier manufactures in designing custom and complex sub-system modules with higher functionalities and smaller footprints.

Our advancements in reduced loss ferrite-loaded and stripline circuits offer an advantage in lowering overall system loss and cost. Our motto to “under promise and over deliver” has served our customers well. This gives us the reputation as the go-to vendor in the RF and microwave industry for satisfying the toughest requirements. When a customer requires a plug-and-play solution, Werlatone delivers a product that exceeds all expectations. Additionally, our custom solutions interface well with other mating modules.

Send Us Your Specs to discuss your next requirement and the complete RF solution that Werlatone can offer.

Impedance Transforming Quads & Baluns


Werlatone’s Transformers and Power Combiners are designed to minimize loss where it matters most, at the output of the transmitter.

Our extraordinary range of low loss transformation enables amplifier designers great latitude for optimally loading their active devices. Traditional N squared to one transformer limitations are meaningless in our designs. Engineers design an efficient amplifier, then a Werlatone Transformer or Transforming Combiner is matched to it.

Our self-shielded ferrite-loaded designs exhibit half the loss of competing designs, in a smaller space.

Reduced complexity and power dissipation facilitate the construction of compact high-power components. 100 Watts saved at the output, with a Werlatone device, can save 400 Watts of DC input power at the system level. The substitution of lower loss Werlatone components, at the output, can lower cooling cost and improve reliability.

Werlatone’s Newest Stripline Technology offers the following capabilities: 

  • More Freedom Outside Traditional Quadratures & Baluns
  • Operating Bandwidths up to 10:1, 80 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Transform any Impedance Ratio, up to 4:1
  • Power Levels from 50 W to 1 kW CW

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