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There’s a reason why nearly every test lab in the nation has one or more of our products on hand. Since 1965, Werlatone has been the most renowned supplier of high end, high quality RF devices. Our full multi-octave product line includes Mismatch Tolerant combiners, Mismatch Tolerant dual directional couplers, tap and transformers, quadrature hybrid combiners and dividers, dual directional couplers, hybrid couplers, and RF dividers, splitters, and equipment. It doesn’t matter what piece of equipment you need, Werlatone has you covered.

At, we’ve made it even easier to find the right equipment to suit your needs. We have added a worldwide staff of representatives to help you find exactly what you require for your project. It doesn’t matter if you need high pass filters in France or high power combiners in Singapore, we have representatives stationed around the globe with the experience and knowledge necessary to help you.  All of our high power devices, Mismatch Tolerant combiners, quadrature hybrids combiners, dual directional couplers, wideband dividers, and taps and transformers are manufactured at our facilities and are vigorously checked for quality to ensure that no matter where you are in the world, you are getting a superior product from Werlatone.