Facts about Low Pass Filters

Plenty of people in the electronics field know exactly what piece of equipment to use for specific situations, and they know what said equipment is capable of. The world of electronics and electronic components, however, can still be a challenging and confusing world. Even the pros sometimes get tripped up when trying to figure out what electronic device is needed. At Werlatone.com, we completely understand how complicated it can get when dealing with the complex electronic problems, and that is why we offer this section on our website. We hope you find the information on these pages useful when it comes time to purchase electronic devices for your project. On this page, we are going to outline the basics of our low pass filters.

The engineers at Werlatone have been hard at work perfecting our unique brand of low pass filters for decades. Made from state-of-the-art components and featuring our patented Mismatch Tolerant® high-power multi-octave technology. Our low pass filters are unanimously considered some of the best electronic devices on the market today, and our team of researchers and quality assurance technicians ensures that we remain at the top of our game.

What exactly are low pass filters? Low pass filters, in basic terms, are filters that allow low frequency signals to pass through while reducing the amplitude of signals with higher frequencies. These filters can be customized to pinpoint specific frequencies, based on the requests of the client.

Low pass filters are used in many different instances. One of the most common applications of low pass filters is in audio when a specific sound frequency needs to be removed; in the case of low pass filters, the filter will reduce the sound of high frequency noise. Low pass filters are also used in video work. These types of filters condition signals during analog-to-digital conversion.

Given the customizable nature of low pass filters, Werlatone has the full capability to build your devices to your precise standards. No matter what range of signals you need filtered, Werlatone can build you a device that will meet and exceed your needs. For more information, feel free to contact our team by calling 1-845-278-2220.