The RF Combiner Defined

Werlatone has been one of the leading suppliers of specialty custom-designed electronic equipment for nearly half a century. Since 1965, Werlatone has created a working environment that fosters creative collaboration between a staff of highly skilled engineering developers and a meticulous manufacturing team. Through this spirit of and dedication to true collaboration, Werlatone has been able to create some of the most innovative electronic components, utilizing the time-tested principles of yesterday and incorporating the advanced science of today. One of our proudest achievements, as well as a popular choice of our many clients, is our RF combiner

Simply put, an RF combiner is a device that acts as a transmission component. It combines the power between two or more ports, and they are most commonly used for connecting more than one antenna to a single radio. RF combiners can also be used to connect multiple radios to a single antenna using the same frequency. Over the years, technology and changed and electronic communication has become an essential and vital part of everyday life, and at Werlatone, we have recognized these facts. We have been consistently researching and developing new ways to improve our RF combiner options to ensure that our customers will always be able to find an RF combiner that will not only work retroactively but also work with emerging technologies.

An RF combiner from Werlatone is used to combine RF from a number of different sources. RF combiners can be used in a myriad of different applications to accomplish a variety of outcomes. With such a broad range of usefulness, it can become a daunting task when it comes to choosing the right RF combiner for your needs. Basically, when choosing an RF combiner, one must consider the specifications for key performance parameters, insertion loss, isolation between ports, the proximity in amplitude of the split signals, and the closeness of the signal phase for the split signals.

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