Werlatone: A Leading Manufacturers of Directional Couplers Since 1965

Since 1965, Werlatone has been one of the leading manufacturers of directional couplers. Our company’s name is synonymous with high quality and advancement in the RF industry. Located in a large manufacturing and development facility in Patterson, New York, Werlatone partners an experienced and knowledgeable engineering and development team with a highly skilled manufacturing department. Through this internal collaboration, we’re able to create fully customized pieces to fit your specific needs. Our dedication to providing our customers with the highest quality directional couplers is what sets Werlatone apart from other electronics manufacturers.

When it comes to directional couplers, no one is more knowledgeable and better stocked than Werlatone. At Werlatone, we develop and manufacture three different types of directional couplers: 3 port UNI-directional couplers, 4-port BI-directional couplers, and 4-port DUAL directional couplers. Each type of directional coupler has a specific purpose and use. Our 3-port UNI-directional couplers consist of a main line and a coupled line. One end of the coupled line is terminated internally while the other end serves as a forward monitoring port.  Our 3-port UNI-directional couplers are used for sampling and monitoring power in one direction at a given time. If you wish to change from a forward power measurement to a reverse power measurement, simply physically reverse the orientation of the unit.

Our 4-port BI-directional coupler is similar to our 3-port UNI-directional coupler; the difference is that both ends of the coupled line serve as coupled ports. This unique attribute makes it convenient when you need to simultaneously monitor both forward and reverse power. Though the directivity of these directional couplersis dependent upon well-matched 50 Ohm loads on the coupled ports, these 4-port BI-directional couplers are some of our most useful products at Werlatone.

Our third and most advanced set of directional couplers is our 4-port DUAL directional couplers. These directional couplers combine the attributes of both our 3-port UNI-directional couplers and 4-port BI-directional couplers to create a unit that employs two, internally connected 3-port UNI-directional couplers. Like the 4-port BI-directional coupler, this unit provides measurement of both forward and reverse power. Unlike the BI-directional coupler, the 4-port DUAL directional coupler includes two internal terminations, should either the forward or reverse port be unused. The directivity is completely unaffected by the loads on the coupled ports, making this piece one of our bestselling and hardworking units from Werlatone.

If you’d like to learn more information about our directional couplers or make a purchase, please feel free to contact us at 845-278-2220 or email us at sales@werlatone.com