Werlatone.com Is The Premiere Source For Your High Power Couplers Needs

Werlatone.com is the premiere source for all your high power couplers needs. Our extensive knowledge, combined with nearly fifty years of experience, has made Werlatone the most recognized and trusted resource in the electronics world. Founded in 1965 as a place to create and manufacture original devices, Werlatone has grown to become the world’s preeminent supplier of wide bandwidth, high power RF components.

Werlatone is headquartered in a large manufacturing facility in Patterson, New York. Our company is in the unique position of being able to combine a skilled manufacturing team with a strong engineering department. This internal partnership allows us to take new and groundbreaking designs from our developers and implement them almost immediately within our factory. Our products then go through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that each one of our high power couplers performs at the high level that is expected by customers of Werlatone. Even after the quality assurance process is complete, we utilize a team of experts to perform high power tests on our devices. We pride ourselves on our staff and products, and want to make sure that that pride extends to our valued customers.

At Werlatone, we offer a wide variety of high power couplers, created for many different types of functions. We carry unique and cutting-edge designs of today’s most-used high power RF devices, like directional couplers, in-phase combiners, in-phase dividers, 90° hybrid couplers, 180° hybrid combiners, and absorptive filters.  Our Mismatch Tolerant® devices are designed to tolerate full input failures and provide low loss circuits. Our high power directional couplers have up to 1000:1 bandwidth capability and feature power levels from 20 W CW to 50 kW CW. Our 90° hybrid couplers and 180° hybrid combiners and dividers all feature low loss circuits. Connectorized, drop-in, and surface mount designs are available.

Our customer base is equally as diverse as our product line: 70% of our customers are military communications and EW; 15% comprise of commercial communications including in-building, tunnel, vehicle, and tower-top communications; 10% of our customers are in industries such as medical and university; and 5% of our clients encompass government test laboratories like NUWC, ARL, and NSWC. Because of the high esteem of our customers, we have been and remain committed to quality and continuous improvement of our high power coupler devices for total customer satisfaction. We strictly adhere to established standards and measurements to guarantee our product line meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers.