Werlatone’s Impedance Transforming Quads & Baluns

A Cooler Head for Lighter Systems. Werlatone’s Transformers and Power Combiners are designed to minimize loss where it matters most, at the output of the transmitter.

Our extraordinary range of low loss transformation enables amplifier designers great latitude for optimally loading their active devices. Traditional N squared to one transformer limitations are meaningless in our designs. Engineers design an efficient amplifier, then a Werlatone Transformer or Transforming Combiner is matched to it.

Our self-shielded ferrite-loaded designs exhibit half the loss of competing designs, in a smaller space.

Reduced complexity and power dissipation facilitate the construction of compact high-power components. 100 Watts saved at the output, with a Werlatone device, can save 400 Watts of DC input power at the system level. The substitution of lower loss Werlatone components, at the output, can lower cooling cost and improve reliability.

Werlatone’s Newest Stripline Technology offers More Freedom Outside Traditional Quadratures & Baluns with Operating Bandwidths up to 10:1, 80 MHz to 6 GHz. Our patented technology Transforms any Impedance Ratio, up to 4:1 with Power Levels from 50 W to 1 kW CW.


Balun Transformer
Quad Transformer