Resources 180° Hybrid Couplers

Werlatone High Power 180 Degree RF Hybrid Combiners / Dividers balance traditional technologies with disruptive microwave techniques.

The outcome is a microwave component which provides an order of magnitude improvement over current capabilities.

Werlatone’s standard line of High Power 180 Degree RF Hybrid Combiners / Dividers covers multiple octaves within a microwave device. Low frequency 180 degree Hybrid Combiner / Dividers employ proprietary ferrite transmission line techniques, similar to our 0 Degree Combiners / Dividers. Insertion loss in both sum and difference ports is minimal, allowing the hybrid to handle high power over its frequency range.

Werlatone’s newest line of high power, patented stripline 180 Degree RF Hybrid Combiners / Dividers provides an incredible 5:1 bandwidth, while exhibiting exceptionally low loss and superior port-to-port isolation.

Custom requirements are always welcome. Please email us specifications for the high power combiner you desire.