Resources 90° Hybrid Combiners

Werlatone’s breakthrough technology allows us to build on our existing line of Broadband 3 dB High Power 90 Degree Hybrid Couplers.

Connectorized 3 dB 90 Degree Hybrid RF Coupler models are available with a choice of standard connectors.

Several of our existing High Power 3 dB 90 Degree Hybrid RF Couplers are three port designs, wherein the difference port is internally terminated with a high power termination. This eliminates the need for a customer supplied external load for each Hybrid Coupler.

Our patented 3 dB 90 Degree Hybrid Couplers provide:

  • Superior component performance starting at 3:1 Bandwidth.
  • Multi-Octave, Broadband Quadrature hybrid designs.
  • Bonded structures which eliminate any air gaps between substrates.
  • More sections per bandwidth for better coupling flatness.
  • Thicker center boards for high power and increased repeatability.
  • Electrically shorter and physically smaller RF Components.
  • Connectorized, Drop-In, and Surface Mount Quadrature Hybrid Combiners and Dividers available.