Resources Digital Power Meters

Optimal Accuracy

40 dB Dynamic Range

No On-Site Calibration


Instantaneous and Simultaneous Local or Remote Monitoring of Forward Power, Reverse Power, and Load VSWR. (Figure 1,2)


  • Multi-Octave Solution within ± 5% (± 2%  typical) of Customer Lab Standard, Across a Full 40 dB Dynamic Range.


  • No On-Site Calibration Required.
  • The Calibration of the each Power Meter is completed internally, allowing the operator to simply enter an RF frequency for optimal accuracy. (Figure 1)
  • Traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Set Alarm Threshold of Forward Power, Reverse Power, Load VSWR & Temperature. (Figure 6)

Networkable and SNMP Programmable.

  • Multiple units can be networked and simultaneously monitored.

Full VSWR Monitoring/Alarm Capability. (Figure 1,2)

  • Customer can set up a visual alarm via relay.
  • Signal can be sent to a Customer’s closed loop.

Full Temperature Monitoring/Alarm Capability. (Figure 1,2)

  • One sensor, Internal Measurement, within Meter.
  • Two sensors, External Measurement, to be placed by Customer.

Six General Purpose Inputs/Relays with multiple uses. (Figure 8)

Powered by AC Power or Passive Power Over Ethernet (PPOE).

Remote Interface through TCP-IP (with SNMP and Browser Interface via LAN), Passive Power over Ethernet, and RS485 Form Addressable Serial Network.

User ID and Password Protection provides secure monitoring.