Resources Directional Couplers

3-Port UNI-Directional Coupler:

Consists of a main line and a coupled line. One end of the coupled line is internally terminated, while the other end serves as a coupled port. Ideal for sampling and monitoring power in one direction at a given time. It is necessary to physically reverse the orientation of the unit to change from a forward to a reverse power measurement.

4-Port BI-Directional Coupler:

Similar to the 3-Port Uni-Directional Coupler, except that both ends of the coupled line serve as coupled ports. Convenient for simultaneously monitoring both forward and reverse power. The directivity of this coupler design is, however, dependent upon well matched 50 Ohm loads on the coupled ports.

 4-Port DUAL Directional Coupler:

Employs two, 3-Port Uni-Directional Couplers, internally connected, in tandem, providing measurement of both forward and reverse power. Ideal for simultaneously monitoring a system’s forward and reverse power and for reflectometer measurements. Unlike the Bi-Directional Coupler, the directivity of the Dual Directional Coupler is unaffected by the loads on the coupled ports.

Werlatone® Broadband Dual, Uni, and Bi Directional RF Couplers are designed to tolerate the most stringent operating conditions associated with military and EMC testing environments. Many of our RF Directional Couplers, designated Mismatch Tolerant®, will operate continuously, at rated power, into an Infinite VSWR. Once again, the Mismatch Tolerant® capability is extremely valuable in military and EMC testing environments. Our extensive line of multi-octave Directional Coupler designs achieves up to 1000:1 bandwidths, while maintaining exceptional coupling flatness, directivity, VSWR, and insertion loss.

Our patented line of High Power, Broadband, 10:1 Bandwidth Bi and Uni-Directional RF Couplers achieves very tight coupling values (6-20 dB), at very low insertion loss. These stripline coupler designs are electrically shorter and physically smaller than traditional coupler designs. Werlatone® currently produces a line of Multi-Octave Drop-In and Surface Mount Couplers, designed for placement within an amplifier module. Please contact us with your specific bandwidth so that we can discuss our current capabilities.

Connectorized Dual, Uni, and Bi-Directional RF Couplers are available with an array of standard connector options. Please provide your connector configuration so that we can build the RF Coupler to your requirements. Additional connector options may be available and may affect the cost of your Uni, Bi, or Dual Directional Coupler. Please contact our sales department for more information.